artferdinand is actively using social media and other networks to promote and share his work. should you wish to connect with him and stay up to date with his life, work and plans, feel free to connect, follow or link up with him.

feel free to link up, connect and exchange information through one or more of the following social networking sites. more about myself, what i do, my interests, my passion for art and photography and my business ventures are all nicely summarized on my own website.

i know it might seem that we (i) maintain an enormous amount of websites, but it is sometimes necessary to have certain boundaries between personal life and business ventures, between interests and community involvement. you simply need to choose which method of connecting with me is best for you and voilĂ , you get information based on your cyber link to me...don't laugh, i've spent hours trying to make sure the complexities of what is my life do not provide an information over-kill.